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Athenz Service Authentication

Athenz Service Identity x.509 certificates are used to establish standard mutual TLS communication with other Athenz Enabled Services.

Service Authentication

The services running on the instance can obtain X.509 certificates from zts using two approaches discussed below:

Copper Argos(Prefered)

Refer Copper Argos for full details.

  1. Create a public/private key pair for your service and register the public key in Athenz. Refer Service Registration for complete details on registering services in Athenz. Store your private key securely. You can store that in a file on the host. The recommended approach is to use Key Management Store like HashiCorp. ZMS and ZTS Server use PrivateKeyStoreFactory interface to get access to its secrets.

Refer Private Key Store for full details how to implement your private key store.

  1. Use the private key to obtain X.509 certificate from ZTS using zts-svccert utility as below:

Download latest ZTS SVCCERT utility binary release from Bintray - click on the Files tab, choose the latest version directory and then download the athenz-utils-<latest-version>-bin.tar.gz file:


shell $ tar xvfz athenz-utils-X.Y-bin.tar.gz You need to make sure to pass the correct key-version argument that matches to the key identifier that was used to register the public key for the service in Athenz.

zts-svccert -domain <domain> -service <service> -private-key <private key file> -key-version <version> -zts <zts_url> -dns-domain <dns-name> -cert-file <output certificate file> The certificates and keys should be carefully rotated and service should repeatedly refresh them.