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Athenz is a set of services and libraries supporting role-based authorization (RBAC) for provisioning and configuration (centralized authorization) use cases as well as serving/runtime (decentralized authorization) use cases. Athenz authorization system utilizes two types of tokens: Principal Tokens (N-Tokens) and RoleTokens (Z-Tokens). The name "Athenz" is derived from "Auth" and the 'N' and 'Z' tokens.

Main features

Athenz provides both the functionality of a centralized system and a certificate and IP-based distributed system to handle on-box enforcement.

You get the following advantages using Athenz:

  • Service-based security profile: Security definitions that automatically trickle down to hosts within the service.
  • Dynamic provisioning: Scale fast or move workloads around without manual intervention (IP-less configuration).
  • Single source of truth: Consolidated service profile serving various downstream security implementations, including support for non-user entities.
  • Self-Service: Real-time configuration and enforcement of resource-based access control (dynamic manageability).

More importantly, we want engineers to use Athenz and not build their own role-based access control systems that have no central store and often rely on network ACLs and manual updating.