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ZMS Service Token Client Utility


ZMS Service Token Client utility generates service tokens based on given private key and service details.

Getting Software

Download latest ZMS Service Token Client utility binary release from Bintray - click on the Files tab, choose the latest version directory and then download the athenz-utils-<latest-version>-bin.tar.gz file::


$ tar xvfz athenz-utils-X.Y-bin.tar.gz


Before you can use the ZMS Service Token utility, you need to have asked the Athenz administrators to create your top level domain.


$ zms-svctoken -domain <domain> -service <service> -private-key <key-file> -key-version <key-id>

It is expected that you have already generated a public/private key pair and registered the public key for the service in your Athenz domain. When registering the public key, you also specified a unique key-version for that key pair.

If you have not completed these steps follow Athenz Service Identity With Public/Private Key Pairs section in our user guide for instructions.

Assuming your domain is sports and you have registered a service called api with a key-version value of 0 and the private key is stored in ./sports_private.pem file, then the zms-svctoken utility with following arguments will return the ntoken for your sports.api service:

$ zms-svctoken -domain sports -service api -private-key ./sports_private.pem -key-version 0

zms-svctoken does not make any requests to Athenz services. The service identity ntoken is generated on your local host based on the private key. You then would use that ntoken as the value for Athenz-Principal-Auth header when making requests to Athenz services. The identity ntoken must not be sent to any other service as you'll be exposing your service identity to others. It is strongly recommended to utilize Athenz Service Identity x.509 certificates instead of ntokens.