Safe JavaScript Templating

Automatic Contextual XSS Escaping made robust, easy, and fast

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Is XSS defense too hard?

Cross Site Scripting (XSS) has topped the list of OWASP Top 10 Web Application Security Risks over a decade. We all know its consequence is terrible, allowing attackers to compromise a website and exfiltrate sensitive user information. But what makes it so hard to be eliminated from web applications?

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Blindly-escaping is still vulnerable!

JavaScript Templating is prevalent in modern web development. Hence, an HTML template with placeholders (e.g., {{name}}) can be easily substituted with user inputs. In view of potentially malicious inputs, all values are by default piped through an HTML escaping filter to defend against XSS. But such a blindly-escaping approach is still vulnerable!

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Escaping filters are applied according to the output context of every placeholder, at the right place and in a correct order. All automagically done by standard-compliant parsers written by us.


The solution has undergone series of manual code reviews, as well as unit and integration tests. The filters also stand against fuzzing tests under a vast majority of web browsers.


With as little as 2 lines of code changes, the express-secure-handlebars package is capable of applying contextual escaping filters, and even correct HTML parsing errors, all automatically!


Templates can be pre-processed completely offline to avoid any runtime contextual analysis. Filters escape just sufficiently to be secure, and are thus up to 2 times faster than the default one.