JavaScript library that can create animated GIFs from media streams, videos, or images


Why Use Gifshot?

Easy to Integrate

The client-side nature of the library makes it extremely portable and easy to integrate into almost any website (sort of like animated GIFs themselves).


By harnessing the power of web workers, you get fast GIF creation that doesn't block the UI. An image quantization algorithm is also used to reduce the number of colors required to represent the image.


Leverages cutting edge browser APIs including WebRTC, FileSystem, Video, Canvas, Web Workers, Typed Arrays, and Base 64 Encoding to support over 20 options.


Comes in under 10kb gzipped thanks to the awesome Rollup.js module bundler for JavaScript

Get Started!

Why Was Gifshot Created?

Yahoo Sports

Gifshot was originally created during a Yahoo Sports team hackathon. The hackathon project allowed Yahoo Fantasy users to talk "smack" to other league members, by creating and publishing funny animated GIFs of themselves. After testing this feature internally, we soon learned what the internet has known for over 25 years; animated GIFs are fun.

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